Privacy Policy' ("We", "Our", "Website" et cetera) privacy policy tells you (The "User", "Visitor", "Customer", or "Client") everything about how, what, and why we collect certain information about you as a user of our website.


As a user of our website you have complete access to everything we collect about you, which we'll dive more into later, and you have without any trouble the ability to delete your account at any time. Your information will never be shared with any third-parties, other users, or anything you haven't explicity consented to. Everything we may collect about you, such as details of what you've done, performed, said, liked, created, edited, et cetera; you are the sole owner of that information, we simply store it so that you can continously use the website without complications, and so this data can be shared with your friends.

What we collect

Without registering an account at our website, we may still collect temporary information about you such as a uniquely given client identifier, which allows us to maintain a session with your browser. This is done through cookies (You may read more about that here), which you implicitly consent to by continously browsing our website.

Other information we may temporarily collect about you before having registered an account are things such as:

  1. Server logs will store information about your IP-Address, URL, and User-Agent (Web browser) you visit our site from, these are kept for a month, and at least another three months accessible through server backups. This information is rarely used.

  2. When you click the "I'm not a robot" button on the Register page we collect information in the form of temporarily unique data, so that the verification can correctly be transferred from our transaction domain (

  3. When you, as a visitor of the website, attempt to login to an existing user at For example if you enter the password incorrectly, we log and store this information for the sake of the person who owns said account. This is a security measure to protect the real users of our website.

Anything else you do without having an account at our website is non-personally identifiable. For example when you view a page (like this one) we store that someone has viewed this page, but not who.

When being currently signed into an account at we store a little more information about your browsing habits, such as which pages you like viewing the most, what searches you perform, and every action you take is logged. For example: when you retrieve a password through the password manager a log is created and tied to the current device, IP-Adress, and session-identifier. Of course, no one but you will see this information, and you are the owner of these logs, but for security measures you cannot remove these logs without contacting us first. This is done as a security measure for you.

The following information is also collected about what you do on our website:

  1. Your e-mail, username, and a variation of your password (stored with a widely accepted password hashing algorithm).

  2. Your Account Preferences, and any information you enter there is stored in our systems, and if they are used anywhere it is explicitly said so.

  3. Information about your web browser, device, IP-Address, and location.

  4. Things you have consented to (such as the Password Manager agreement).

  5. Things you have uploaded, created, edited, deleted, liked, or in any way interacted with (such as editing a password, liking a post, or uploading an image).

  6. The accounts that you have signed into on any devices you use, we do this to be able to show you a list of accounts that you may "Quick switch" to.

What do we do with the information?

We use the information we collect about you in the following ways:

  1. To determine whether or not to send you e-mails (which you have explicity consented to).

  2. To display information about your account, location, and usage to yourself (e.g "My Whitelisted Devices" or "Recent Activity").

  3. To display information about your account to other users on the website (if consented), such as your public profile, images, posts, or simply having you show up in the list of public users and all users.

  4. To allow you to continously stay logged in to your account.

  5. To allow you to make posts, upload images, and talk to other users on the website.

  6. To display history about actions, posts, images, messages, and things you've done in the past.

What information do we share?

We do not share any of your data with third parties.