About yemi.es

Yemiez provides a collection of tools that you may use to improve your efficiency and safety online. For example, you can use our built-in password manager to manage all of your online passwords in a secure way.

The website is constantly expanding our resources and the amount of tools available, but there is only one developer at this time, working on this as a hobby project. Hence, each new feature takes a very long time to develop because of the complexity and attention to detail.

About the developer

Yemiez is the developer of this website. A nineteen year old guy from a northern coastal city in Sweden, he spends his days working at a local e-commerce company in his home town, specializing in areas related to building unique stores for our customer base.

After work, he likes to spend time with his girlfriend, friends, family, and working on hobby projects such as this website itself.

A message from Yemiez

My idea is to create a platform that is secure, easy to use; but perhaps takes a bit of knowledge to understand. The "platform" is a collection of tools, ways to socialize and make friends, and learn how to better protect yourself online. I take great care in the development of my platform, I've spent an entire year so far just on the few features I've added, a lot of it having been building the core of my platform.

Eventually I plan on making the website commercial, this doesn't mean you won't get features just because you haven't paid money, it means you'll have added benefits to those features; such as extending your storage, extending your access to certain sub-features of the main feature. You'll never loose out on an entire feature, that will always be my goal when commercializing the Yemi.es.